French Artist Vangarde Creates First Timepiece

By Paul Joseph

French designer and artist Vangarde has created his first ever luxury timepiece, the Tempo Théorie, limited to just 88 numbered copies.

Boasting a 29 jewel, first of its kind movement called the ‘Caliber V1’, the watch comes as an exposed skeleton timepiece, exhibiting the multiple dimensions and the complicated craftsmanship of the watch’s engine.

The main casing of the watch is in galvanized steel, with spiked crafted crowns on the sides, whilst the dial features black ruthenium treated lining.

Speaking about the timepiece, Vangarde said: “The initial line of thought in creating this model was to transform the conventional reading of the time into a performance that conflates the architectural and the poetic.

“The watch seeks to enter its wearer into a complex equation of the relationship between energy (the mainspring), movement (the rotation of the watch mechanism), and shape (the visual composition of the hands)."

The Tempo Théorie timepiece is priced at €4,850.

By Paul Joseph