FREYWILLE Collection Embodies Pure Creativity

By P. Joseph

The Magic Sphinx is a fantastic new jewellery line which utilises inspiring colourways, definitive symbols and artistic design as part of a powerful statement toward the philosophy of Pure Luxury Art.

Enamel canvases adorned with a striking Sphinx symbol, three dimensional stylings and finishes with different metallic enamel effect make up the pure quiet luxury of this visually powerful collection of jewellery.

The Sphinx was chosen as the FREYWILLE emblem as the embodiment of one of the oldest dreams of mankind: a mystical beast that epitomizes pure creativity, “harmonising the power and elegant majesty of the lion with the freedom of an eagle and the intellectual capacity of a human.”

The Magic Sphinx collection in Coral, is perfect in tone for the balmy nights of summer. Standing quietly between the intense heat of red, and the angelic sweetness of pink; Magic Sphinx Coral takes elements of each and represents love in its truest, most trusting form.

White Peal
The new Magic Sphinx collection in White Pearl embodies
feminine elegance, capturing understated beauty through minimal styling and graceful design. Mother of pearl and accents of gold add a touch of effortless sophistication to this simple and refreshing collection.

Royal Blue
Evoking thoughts of the clear Mediterranean sky, the new FREYWILLE collection Magic Sphinx Royal Blue lifts the spirits of the wearer upwards; calming and inspiring in equal measure. Azure and indigo gently swirl on the enamel canvas, their celestial beauty highlighted with accents of 24kt gold.

Graceful glamour meets stark flashes of futuristic technology in the new FREYWILLE collection Magic Sphinx Platinum. Different metallic and mother-of-pearl effects fuse on a background of soft black enamel, creating an innovative yet gentle set, focusing on empowering the wearer with calm, majestic power.

By P. Joseph