Friday Creates Modular Floating Home Concept

By Paul Joseph

UK design agency Friday have created a concept for a modular floating home that can travel across water at up to three knots.

Powered by two small outboard motors, the ‘Floatwing’ concept can be customised to include up to three bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a wine cellar.

Other optional features include a heat pump and AC generator, and a barbecue on the upper terrace, while all equipment and furniture can be stored in two containers and shipped if required.

Its creators say the concept could be used as a base camp for a range of watersports, or simply as a weekend getaway for couples of groups of friends.

Eco-friendly credentials are apparent in the fact that, when charged, the house can provide electricity for those onboard for about a week.

The standard ‘Floatwing’ concept measures six metres in width, but this can be extended to upgrade the number of bedrooms.

By Paul Joseph