From Sky to Water: Luxury Submarine to Feature Private Jet Interior

By Paul Joseph

Luxury yachts and private jets have always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship, with both forms of transport sharing a number of common characteristics – not least the unflinchingly high standards of their owners.

Now that relationship has been taken to a new level with the design of a luxury submarine that can be housed on-board a superyacht and features an interior borrowed directly from the private jet industry.

The product of eight years of research and development, the 19-metre Neyk Submarine is the brainchild of Dutch company Ocean Submarine and benefits from the giant strides made in building bespoke private jets over the last couple of decades.

Built in a modular construction, the highly spacious interior can be customised with furniture, ceiling panels and different types of paint.  It will have large panoramic viewports on top and three acrylic viewports on either side, as well as comfortable seats, a bar, a library and a complete galley.

The hull diameter is exactly the same as private jets and the contents can be installed in a similar way in its interior, including systems such as air conditioning and all the facilities normally associated with private aircrafts. It will offer speeds of up to 15 knots and can carry as many as 20 passengers to depths of 150 metres.

Other customisation options include fitting landing gear so that the sub can come to rest on a beach, adding a dedicated diver lockout chamber, and transforming the nose area into a 270-degree underwater observation room.

“My experiences convinced me that we could develop a unique new submarine in partnership with experts from every branch of aviation and underwater vessels,” says Martin van Eijk, founder of Ocean Submarine.

“The project began in 2009 based on a hull that would be suitable for the Navy and coastguard services as well as the luxury market. Having built up considerable expertise in aircraft, spaceships and underwater vessels, my goal was to combine this with the wealth of know how available in the world today.

“The result is a new generation of submarines featuring a single multipurpose hull, offering a unique level of luxury and experience in a submarine.”

Ocean Submarine also worked with experts from renowned global brands including Rolls Royce, MTU and Bosch to create the Neyk Submarine.

Pricing has yet to be announced.

By Paul Joseph