Full Size Racing Car Simulator Offers Visceral Gaming Experience

By Paul Joseph

Formula 1 specialists FMCG International have created a sensational full size racing car simulator that allows gamers to experience the visceral thrill of being in an actual Formula 1 car..

Priced at a cool $144,790, the Formula 1 Racing Car Simulator is fitted with the original Pirelli F1 tyres and Brembo brake calipers to enhance the feel of driving a real racing car.
Users can choose from all the current F1 racing teams, and can race on all the F1 circuits.

Available in a choice of silver, red or black, the simulator boasts three 23-inch TFT screens and a 5.1 speaker system, plus a custom high-end PC with Intel Core I7 processor, Intel SSD HD, a wireless keyboard and a mouse.

Company engineers will help install the car and also train owners to use the controls and to get maximum enjoyment out of their new toy.

As well as being designed for entertainment, it is also hoped that professional drivers will be able to utilise the simulator in order to hone their driving skills and techniques.

FMCG International have been producing high end F1 cars and simulators since 1986.

By Paul Joseph