Fussball Table Moves from Bars to Boutiques

By P. Joseph

German design company id-entity have released the twoeleven Fussball Table, which it hopes will transport the table soccer experience into the up-market world of boutique hotels, luxury lofts and VIP lounges.

Available in two editions of fibreglass and 'natural', the table boasts a flowing exterior shape, ergonomically formed grips, and leather surfaces which offer optimal hold and ball control.

The players – traditionally plastic  – are made from solid maple and walnut, with a special tread profile for stability.

The table also features built-in extendable beer holders, LED displays on either sides, an automatic ball lift to catapult the ball into the middle of the playing field, aluminum-made counters and a score display.

The front boards even offer sponsors the chance for exclusive presentations or advertisements.

Priced at $5,000 (£3,000) for the fibreglass version, the cost of the 'natural' table is yet to be announced.

By P. Joseph