Garde Robe Wardrobe Management Service Expands Across South Florida

By Paul Joseph

Garde Robe Online, described by its founders as a “wardrobe management service for fashion lovers”, has extended its services across the South Florida area, the company been announced.

Founded in New York in 2001, Garde Robe was billed as the world’s first luxury wardrobe storage and valet service, with locations in South Florida, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Las Vegas.

Now its range of services, which include climate-controlled storage, professional photography of members’ entire closets, and delivery to anywhere in the world, is now available to the expanded South Florida area – from St. Lucie, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties on the East Coast, to Sarasota and Collier Counties on the West Coast.

One of Garde Robe’s most popular services is the Luggage-Free Valet service, which is designed for people who need to access their belongings from various locations. Luggage is delivered straight to a client’s home or hotel, eliminating the hassle of packing and unpacking, waiting in baggage claim and Customs lines, and taking worn items to the dry cleaner.

Another function is the Cyber Closet, which allows members to search and arrange their wardrobe online. Members can peruse their professionally photographed wardrobe pieces – each catalogued according to designer, size, colour, fabric or season, - while a Virtual Stylist helps create outfits and ensembles, then saving the outfit for future reference.

“Basic garment storage does not equal museum-quality preservation,” said Doug Greenberg, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Garde Robe.

“A collector who invests in Picasso paintings would not store the pieces in a standard storage facility or hang them on the wall without taking the proper steps to care for and preserve these priceless works of art, and the same sentiment holds true in regard to one’s wardrobe.

“That’s where Garde Robe comes in – to meticulously care for and properly preserve cherished pieces, including couture, vintage, furs, footwear and accessories, in between wears.”

As part of the new expansion, Garde Robe has also teamed up with South Florida-based Rey’s Cleaners, which specialises in the care and restoration of fine and vintage garments and accessories.

By Paul Joseph