Get off-Grid with your Family on Dreamy Eustatia Island

By Paul Joseph

When you marry the warm hospitality of the Caribbean with 35 acres of unspoiled island scenery, you’ve got a formula for the ultimate family getaway.

From the top-of-the-range water sports facilities, to the understated elegance of the accommodation and the eco-led ethos of the resort, Eustatia Island offers something quite unique.

Your stay can be as peaceful or as active as your clan demands and you’ll find yourself enjoying a casual kind of luxury. There’s no standing on ceremony or finicky customs to worry about – just a family holiday without crowds or fuss.

Stay in Style

Four beautifully appointed homes, including two beach houses, make up the accommodation here. Each one has its own character and offers indoor and outdoor sitting areas plus state-of-the-art kitchens.

Activities for all Ages

This private island idyll peeks out of the blue waters of the British Virgin Islands – and it’s these waters that most visitors come here to enjoy. This is a centre for all things water sports, complete with the very latest equipment.

Expert coaches are on hand to help visitors of all ages and experience levels with wakeboarding, kitesurfing, snorkelling and more.

Back on land, take time out for waterside yoga, an outdoor massage sound-tracked by breaking waves, family friendly beach games and quiet hiking trails.

Ride the Waves 

Eustatia also has its own incredible fleet of luxury powerboats ready to take guests out on the water for thrilling rides and stunning views of the surrounding area.

Among these are two remarkable amphibious vehicles: “Iguana” and “Jaguar”, both of which can effortlessly traverse land and sea, giving guests the chance to experience a unique and futuristic James Bond-style experience amid the beautiful environs of the North Sound.

A Sustainable Stay

This self-sustainable island operates off-grid, relying on solar power, collected rainwater and organic agriculture nurtured by food and landscape composting. All island vehicles are electric, which means they’re quiet and emission-free.

All of this makes it the perfect place for the whole family to learn about the benefits of sustainability, renewable energy and holidaying responsibly.

By Paul Joseph