Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky 50 Year Old is a golden drop


Touted as one of the most exceptional whiskies ever produced by renowned distillers William Grant & Sons, the 50 year old is designed for deep pockets and sophisticated palates.

Having been safely stored in two casks in the warehouse of the Banffshire distillery, the liquor is about to be released for the enjoyment of whisky connoisseurs around the world.

Pale gold in colour, this top-quality single malt samples an initially sweet taste before revealing layers of herbs, soft fruits, silky oak and hints of smoke. With a distinctly long finish, the whisky features touches of dry oak and subtle traces of peat.

Priced at £10,000 a bottle, only 50 per year will be released over the next decade, each encased in a Scottish hand-stitched, leather-bound case and accompanied by a leather-bound book detailing the whisky’s history.A truly rare and precious drop, the distillery claim fewer than one in 1000 casks are ever deemed worthy of carrying the label of this whisky.

On September 1 the first bottle will go on sale at Aelia, Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. The remaining bottle will surface on the market until November 1 when they will be on the shelves in selected travel retail and domestic markets.

Other airports believed to receive the rare Glenfiddich include the larger points of London Heathrow, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai, Singapore Changi, and Hans Just in Scandinavia.