Going on a Diving Trip? 3 Stunning Luxury Diving Watches

By Paul Joseph

There are few feelings more exhilarating than heading into the deep blue sea and exploring the depths.

Diving is one of the most entertaining adrenaline pursuits and, as with most activities of this ilk, it is imperative to have the right sort of equipment. If you’re planning on diving regularly, it is a good idea to invest in a good quality diving watch. Luckily the majority of the world’s leading watchmakers have collections that are designed with divers in mind. So let’s take a look at three of the best:

U-Boat Classico U-1001
If you know about U-Boat watches then chances are that you’ll be aware that they were originally crafted to worn by the Italian Navy during WWII and this rugged, nautical feel is still very pervasive with all the luxury watches that they release today. This stylish number from their Classico collection will be the perfect choice for any serious diving aficionado as it boasts an impressive 1000m water resistance and decompression valve.
Price: Approx £3,000 ($4,500)

Breitling SuperOcean
Breitling watches are, perhaps, most synonymous with aviation style timepieces but they are equally as adept at crafting some of the finest men’s diving watches on the market. This spectacular timepiece from the SuperOcean collection offers all the bells and whistles that you would come to expect from a Breitling watch (we’ve a few more thrown in for good measure to satisfy the diving fraternity.

This exceptional watch has a unidirectional easy-grip ratcheted bezel and a 4mm thick shatter-proof sapphire crystal glass case. On top of these already impressive features, this Breitling SuperOcean watch offer has a Swiss-made Calibre 73 automatic movement and, somewhat astonishingly, a 2000m water resistance (one of the few timepieces capable of plumbing these depths).
Price: Approx £3,700 ($5,000)

IWC Aquatimer
Diving watches are invariably rugged, hard-wearing and flawlessly crafted but few are quite as striking as the one pictured above from the IWC Aquatimer collection. This breath taking luxury diving watch is probably the sort of watch that Jacques Cousteau would have been rocking (if he weren’t more of a Rolex Submariner man)! If this eye-catching royal blue diving watch has taken your fancy then prepare to be impressed still further with some of the impressive features that come part and parcel of this IWC Aquatimer watch.

First and foremost, as it’s a watch for divers, you’ll want to know its water resistance – alas, it’s not in the same league (great wordplay) as the other two watches in our list as it only has a water resistance of a mere 120m. But it makes up for this deficiency in other areas – for instance, it has a mechanical chronograph movement, high quality Super-LumiNova hands which make for improved visibility below water and a highly resilient blue rubber strap.
Price: Approx £4,250 ($6,000)

All images used courtesy of The Watch Gallery.

By Paul Joseph