Gold Plated Earphones from Final Audio Design

By P. Joseph

High-end Japanese sound specialists Final Audio Design have released a new series of earphones boasting gold plating and chrome copper, with prices of over $2,500.

The Piano Forte series contains four different versions of headphones, each inspired by horn loudspeakers.

Final Audio Design claim the headphones will offer sound quality akin to a concert hall.

At the lower end of the range is the Piano Forte VIII, which is made from brass with gold plating, and costs $940.

Next up is the Piano Forte IX, which comes in mirror-polished stainless steel, and is priced at $1,180. The Piano Forte X-CC is made from chrome copper with ion plating and costs $2,650.

Finally, the ultra-premium edition is the Piano Forte X-G, which comes with chrome copper bodies coated with gold. Prices for this model are yet to be announced.

Final Audio Design was founded in 1974 and has developed a global reputation for its luxury sound systems and accessories.

By P. Joseph