Google Teams Up with Jeff Koons on Limited Edition Phone Cases

By Paul Joseph

Renowned American artist Jeff Koons has brought his design sensibilities to Google by creating a new version of the technology giant’s Nexus phone covers called “live cases”.

Live cases display a custom wallpaper once attached to your Nexus phone. Koons’ versions come with three different outer designs called Bust, Diana, and Mailbox from his Gazing Ball series. The cases also feature a video of Koons’ first video work was a version of Swan Lake.

The artist worked with New York City Ballet dancers Troy Schumacher and Ashley Laracey for the wallpaper clips which feature them performing movements from the Swan Lake ballet while holding a Gazing Ball.

“I think that dance really captures nature and culture together. You have the biological aspect between people, movement, and bodies, and at the same time you are completely referencing also the classical,” he told Vogue magazine.

“The Gazing Ball has always had profound importance to me,” he added. “The Gazing Balls communicate generosity. They function like a GPS system, they inform you about the environment around you. They are always dealing with internal light, the excitement of the senses.

“But at the same time, it’s always reflecting the external world that you are surrounded with. So philosophically, the dialogue is inside/outside. I think the pieces are very metaphysical.”

The Jeff Koons-designed live cases can be purchased through the online Google Store for $40 each.

By Paul Joseph