Gresso introduce2 the new Lady Blanche iPhone 4

By P. Joseph

The Gresso Company, the Swiss manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, has introduced the second phase of their iPhone ‘Time Machine’ range – the Diamonds and Crystals models of the new Lady Blanche iPhone4.

Made for women who hold both sophistication and luxury in high regard, the new Gresso Lady Blanche iPhone4 can be presented in two ways; the Diamonds models, with white diamonds, and the Crystals model which holds Swarovski crystals.

The new, limited edition and exclusively hand-made Lady Blanche model is an extension of the iPhone4 Time Machine collection by Gresso, which was released in early June 2011.

Three independent Swiss clocks with a ten-year movement reserve are located on the rear panel of the phone and indicate time in New York, Paris and Moscow. Three decorative pearl dials are decorated with white diamonds of 0.01 carats each or with Swarovski crystals.

The way in which the diamonds are applied to the Lady Blanche iPhone4 is taken from a ‘floating diamonds’ technique taken from the world of high jeweller’s art; creating a dazzling trick of the light.

The Lady Blanche iPhone4 model will hit the market this year and will be expected to be sold to a select few luxury connoisseurs for $30,000 for the Diamonds model and $7,000 for the Crystals model.

By P. Joseph