Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamond: Communicate in Style

By B. Roberts

After the iPhone 4 craze swept the world, luxury designer Gresso has launched its iPhone 4 casing made of 200 year old African Blackwood.

The signature material has also been used to embellish the iPhone 3GS casing as well, combining high-grade communication and unrivalled luxury.

The Gresso iPhone 4 Black Diamond casing reportedly features an 18 carat gold Apple logo on the back with an inlaid glittering black diamond.

If this isn’t quite enough, Gresso has also solved the ‘death grip’ problem that these gadgets face. The problem of losing reception may have been widely reported, however Gresso have proudly announced they have eradicated the issue in the iPhone 4 Black Diamond.

High-grade titanium Black PVD coating has also been added to the steel frame located along the perimeter of the case to emphasize the diamonds glitter.

By B. Roberts