Gresso Launches Cruiser Titanium Women’s Mobile Phone

By Paul Joseph

Luxury mobile phone makers Gresso have created a limited edition version of its Cruiser Titanium handset, this time targeted at women.

Limited to 999 pieces, the pearl white handset comes in a one-piece case crafted from a solid titanium slab. According to its makers, the milling process to create the case took seven hours and each is hand polished for several more hours for mirrored gloss.

Other notable features include key buttons cut from stainless steel and hand polished by master craftsmen, whilst the front and back are made from solid tempered glass plates.

The original Cruiser Titanium phone was launched by Gresso last month. Like the original, the latest model runs the Symbian S40 operating system and operates on GSM frequency bands.

The phone also has a microSD card slot for storage, integrated GPRS and Bluetooth along with a two megapixel camera.

The Cruiser Titanium smartphone for women is priced at $3,000 (£1,994).

Gresso was founded in Switzerland in 2005.

By Paul Joseph