Grieb & Benzinger Create Blue Dragon Imperial Special Edition Watch

By Paul Joseph

German luxury car makers Grieb & Benzinger have created a one-off version of its Blue Dragon Imperial timepiece for a Chinese customer.

Combining Chinese mythology with fine craftsmanship, Grieb & Benzinger have honoured the request of the collector with a special edition of the Blue Dragon Imperial.

The collector who was born in the year of the dragon is an avid collector of all things dragon-themed. Staying loyal to Chinese beliefs, the watch was delivered to the owner after 8 months of waiting on 8th August 2014 (8.8.2014). The figure ‘8’ is considered lucky in Chinese culture.

Reflecting the brand’s fully-hand skeletonized manually wound movement, as well as being guilloché and engraved by hand, the bespoke timepiece comes in a solid 18-karat palladium-white gold case and a bezel set 66 finest Princess cut diamonds.

Grieb & Benzinger also pays tribute to Swiss watch making traditions with its blue platinum coated movement- flame-blued screws, flame-blued crown and ratchet wheel and gold coated steel hands hour and minute indication.

The Blue Dragon Imperial by Grieb & Benzinger is priced at €82,000.

By Paul Joseph