Grieb & Benzinger Unveils “World’s Heaviest Platinum Watches”

By Paul Joseph

Watchmaker Grieb & Benzinger has released three new timepieces billed as the heaviest and most complicated platinum watches in the world.

The watches – named the Blue Danube, Blue Whirlwind, and Blue Sensation – were unveiled at a private ceremony in Singapore and are said to have a total value of $1.5 million.

Boasting solid platinum casings and core movements developed from the house of Patek Philippe, the watches also include hand crafting, skeletonization, and trademark Grieb & Benzinger Breguet frost finishing.

The Blue Danube timepiece is a unique skeletonized minute repeater split-seconds chronograph, comprising a 120-year movement redone with 400 individual parts and priced at around $450,000.

The Blue Whirlwind, a unique tourbillon minute repeater, is based on the legendary Patek Philippe Caliber R TO 27 PS movement and is expected to retail for around $850,000.

The Blue Sensation, billed as the only skeletonized split-seconds chronograph on the market, comes with a 49mm wide circular dial, weighs in at 230 grams and is priced at $260,000.

Only one of each restored watches has been made.

By Paul Joseph