Harry Winston Broadway Glasses a Tribute to an Art Deco Era

By Paul Joseph

Wearing haute jewellery can be a transcendent experience and Harry Winston have created a stunning new piece designed to transport you to Broadway theatre in 1930s New York.

Called Broadway Glasses, the diamond, onyx and emerald encrusted creation is a tribute to the opera glasses that allow opera attendees to view the stage from a distance. However the glasses also tell the time thanks to a concealed watch face.

With their long handle that references the classic lorgnette (a predecessor of opera glasses) and their modern binocular lenses, the glasses are both beautiful and functional. They have a body of gold and titanium almost entirely covered in diamonds and black onyx.

The central structure features a bold, geometric design which recalls the Art Deco spirit, while two layers of 80 baguette-cut diamonds frame six rows of 240 brilliant-cut diamonds.

On the bridge of the binoculars is an octagonal watch whose shape was inspired by the emerald cut given to diamonds. This watch is fully set with 48 baguette-cut diamonds and is bordered by a black onyx frame with emeralds in each corner. The press of a small button allows the watch case to “pop up” so that the time can be set from the inside.

The lorgnette style telescopic handle is made of 18-karat white gold and features a tapered octagonal. It has been decorated with onyx marquetry and a combination of 30 brilliant-cut and 14 baguette cut diamonds.

Founded in New York in 1932, Harry Winston has grown into one of the world’s most prestigious watch and jewellery brands.

By Paul Joseph