Harry Winston Create Histoire de Tourbillon 8 Timepiece

By Paul Joseph

When Harry Winston launched the Histoire de Tourbillon 7 timepiece last year, it grabbed the attention of watch aficionados around the world.

Now the renowned American jewellery house has attempted to go one better with an eye-catching follow-up – the Histoire de Tourbillon 8.

Notable additions to the Histoire de Tourbillon 8 compared with its predecessor include a new time display with jumping hours and minutes, while it is also fitted with two bi-axial tourbillons, each of them made up out of 117 parts, yet weighing only 0.76 grams.

Both the watch's tourbillons have an outer cage which makes a full rotation every 75 seconds at a 30-degree inclined axis, and within a second cage makes a full rotation in 45 seconds. They work independently from each other, but a spherical differential unifies them.

The 51mm white gold case features alternating polished mirror and satin finishes. The dial’s entire surface area is actually one component, made up of 13 different elements with varying textures and finishes, and the two conical discs, housing the hour and minute displays, are made of aluminium.

The caliber HW4503 that houses the twin tourbillons measures in at a sizeable 43mm in diameter and is equipped with two rapidly rotating superposed barrels.

Only twenty pieces of the Histoire de Tourbillon 8 will be produced (ten with the red dial, and ten in anthracite grey). Pricing has yet to be confirmed.

By Paul Joseph