Harry Winston Create Jewellery Box Made of Quartz

By Paul Joseph

World-renowned jewellery house Harry Winston have teamed up with artist and industrial designer Stephen Burks to design a jewellery box carved out of a single piece of quartz.

The futuristic looking jewellery box was commissioned by Wallpaper magazine for its annual ‘Handmade’ issue, with Harry Winston charged with creating something completely unique.

The final result was showcased at its Wallpaper’s Handmade Exhibition at Gallery Leclettico in Milan, Italy until 13th April.

The box is designed so that each piece of jewellery nestles in its own custom-made stand, which sits atop a crystal tray through which you can see the hand-carved latticework of the case.

Sandrine de Laage, Global Vice President and Art Director for Harry Winston, said: “When Wallpaper Magazine asked Harry Winston to take part in its Handmade Exhibition,we wanted to use the occasion to create something that was entirely new and unexpected for the House.

“We instantly fell in love with the idea of creating a jewellery box that was just as rare, and precious, as our diamonds.”

Established in New York in 1932 by its eponymous founder, Harry Winston has grown to become one of the world’s most iconic jewellery houses.

By Paul Joseph