Hart Audio Create £3 million D&W Loudspeaker

By Paul Joseph

UK-based sound equipment experts Hart Audio have designed special edition versions of their acclaimed D&W Aural Pleasure Loudspeakers – including one pair made of 18-karat gold and priced at £3 million.

Limited to 105 pairs, the loudspeakers are said to combine ancient traditions of bell-founding with high-tech acoustic technology to deliver pitch-perfect sound.

Building on the success of the original D&W models, a process of painstaking research and development has refined the loudspeakers to provide even better quality, according to its makers.

The special edition collection comprises 99 loudspeakers in bronze (£40,000), five in sterling silver (£200,000) and one in 18-karat gold.

Weighing in at 50 kg even before the drive units and stand is added, the loudspeakers feature castings made for Hart Audio by a British foundry that specialises in casting fine art sculptures.

Based in Ryde on the Isle of White, Hart Audio have been building high-quality loudspeakers since 2003

By Paul Joseph