Helicopter Management Service for Superyachts Launched

By Paul Joseph

Having a helicopter on your superyacht may still be the preserve of a truly elite assortment of high net worth individuals, but they are large enough in number to have sparked a new boom in helicopter management services.

The latest company to have emerged that provides a full-service helicopter management solution for both helicopter and superyacht owners is Helicopter Services Malta.

Covering the Mediterranean and beyond, the company claim that their USP is the sheer breath of their services, which include sourcing, buying, staffing, maintaining, registering and upgrading.

To achieve this, they have combined the knowledge of aviation and technology experts with experienced professionals from the world of customer service.

The Helicopter Services Malta team includes CEO Alessandro Rostirolla, whose career in private aviation spans 20 years, and tax expert CFO Samantha Snow who is highly experienced in the registration and importation of aircraft.

“Historically the helicopter business has been focussed on technological excellence and the highest standards of safety – and rightly so,” says Mr Rostirolla.

“But the sector is fragmented and often lacks coordination from the point of view of clients. As a result, managing a helicopter has meant that they’ve had to work with a variety of different people.

“It’s for this reason that we’ve created a complete helicopter management solution with a focus on the kind of excellent customer service that owners demand.”

Helicopter Services Malta’s team of highly trained technicians are based around the Mediterranean for maximum mobility, and each technician has state-of-the-art maintenance technology, connected in real time through the use of tablets and cloud technology.

By Paul Joseph