Hermes and Yamaha Introduce the New Luxury V-Max Superbike Concept

By B. Roberts

One of the world’s leading luxury brands, Hermès, has joined forces with Yamaha to create the stylish, aggressive and high-octane V-Max superbike; a true one of a kind.

In an unlikely collaboration between the Hermes, a major player in the luxury industry, and one of the foremost superbike engineers in the world, Yamaha, we can now see the brand-new, one-off V-Max superbike concept; unveiled at the International Motorcycle Fair in Cologne (INTERMOT).

Bound in rich Skipper Buffalo Leather, the Hermès and Yamaha V-Max concept combines high-quality mechanics and high-end leather to create an ultra-cool image of style and power.

Her tank, mudguards, headlight covers, exhaust silencers, seat and grips are all covered with the sophisticated looking leather whilst the rest of her is a stunning picture of gleaming, open mechanics with brushed aluminium mirrors, metre case and exhaust.

Showcased for a price of £20,000, Yamaha’s idea was reportedly to reinforce the sculptural lines of this unique object and underline its raw emotional power.

By B. Roberts