Hermes Apple Watch Receives Four New Band Colours

By Paul Joseph

The collaboration between technology giants Apple and French fashion house Hermes has continued apace with the launch of four new band colours for the Apple watch.

Each of these bands is made from luxury leather and are available in a wide range of colours, including white, orange, sapphire blue and peacock blue.

This new range adds to the line of original band colours including Fauve (deer brown), Etain (tin gray), Capucine (red) and Bleu Jean (blue), each available depending on the style and the size of the watch selected.

The idea of standalone bands, available as accessories to the Apple Watch, is billed as extending the limits and usage of the Apple Watch by catering to wider demands.

The Hermes bands will start from $340 for the 38mm and the 42mm Single Tour versions. The Double Tour version will cost $490 for straps available in the regular and long size variations.

The large 42mm Cuff design will retail for $690 but will only be available in the deer brown shade.

Last year Apple teamed up with Hermès to create a new collection of Apple watches, available in stainless steel 38mm or 42mm steel cases with finely crafted leather bands.

The collaboration was billed as merging Apple’s product innovation with the heritage and craftsmanship of Hermès.

By Paul Joseph