Hinckley Propel Luxury Yachts into the All-Electric Era

By Paul Joseph

Hinckley Yachts, the world renowned American boat builder, has a well-deserved reputation for combining expert craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation.

Now the company is continuing that legacy by creating what is billed as the world’s first electric luxury yacht, which it introduced for the first time at last week’s 47th Newport International Boat Show.

Reviving the “Dasher” moniker that it used in the 1990s for its first Picnic Boat, the 28.5-foot fully electric vessel has twin 80 hp electric inboard motors and an impressive 40-mile range cruising at 10mph, along with a top speed of 28mph.

“Two years ago, we invited a bunch of engineers and designers, including America’s Cup gurus, software pros, and yacht designers, to discuss the future of yachting,” says Scott Bryant, Hinckley’s head of product development.

“We came to the conclusion that the boat of the future needs to support the yachting experience of being with family and friends. That meant creating a boat that is quiet, simple, and has helm seat in the center so the captain can be part of the group.”

The yacht sports a carbon-epoxy composite hull shape designed by Michael Peters to provide superior performance and handling, and weighs just 6,500 pounds, making it the lightest boat Hinckley has ever built.

Varnished teak has been replaced with Artisanal Teak, the company’s trademarked name for a molded composite structure hand-painted with wood grain to look indistinguishable from real teak. Furthermore, Hinckley also used 3-D printing to manufacture the most complex parts of the helm console to reduce weight.

The yacht will be on display at next month’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

By Paul Joseph