Horological Sculpture Showcased at New York Exhibition

By Paul Joseph

Among the array of eye-catching watches on display at the recent Watch Time exhibition in New York was a unique piece that captured everyone’s imagination.

Created by Berd Vaye, the made-to-order horological sculpture preserving hundreds of beautiful vintage watch parts in it was showcased at the exhibition, grabbing plenty of attention in the process.

The sculpture’s vintage watch parts were meticulously collected from around the world. The manufacturing process involves pouring an initial layer of Lucite, and then watch and clock parts are embedded in it, after which another layer is poured on top.

The process of creating these sculptures takes anywhere up to a month and they can be made in any shape.

The starting price of the horological masterpiece is set at $2,900 for the small Sphere, rising to $5,900 for the larger Time Squared sculpture.

Berd Vaye was founded in 2014 by two watch enthusiasts, Eduard Kurayev and Albert Akbashe.

By Paul Joseph