How Hublot Sparked a Style Revolution in China

By Ben Roberts

Hublot is one of the world’s most highly sought-after luxury watch brands. Part of the LVMH Group, the Swiss watch designer is growing by the minute, and the demand in China is growing with it.

With a sporadic market for modern luxury goods in China, we speak to Vicky Chung to get a first-hand insight into how Hublot fits into the world of Asia’s ultra-elite.

“The brand has been in China for around seven years," explains Vicky Chung, Retail Director for Asia. "So we are a relatively new and young energetic brand but we are catching up pretty fast."

Partnering with the likes of Ferrari and Berluti, the progressive watch design has struck a chord with the growing Chinese high-net-worths who are increasingly on the hunt for something different to tell a story.

"The Chinese economy is always up and down, especially in luxury, but we have been pretty lucky with the very strong marketing strategy that we do and our client base has been growing more and more.”

The growth of high-net-worths in Hong Kong and Greater China and the increase in sports and high-end activities is driving people toward the energetic brand.

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By Ben Roberts