Hublot Developing Smart Watchbands

By Paul Joseph

Swiss luxury watchmakers Hublot have announced plan to start incorporating smart technology into their watchbands.

The brand is looking at including functions that relate to a wearer’s location as well links to exclusive information about soccer in the watchband, according to Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe.

However, he also confirmed that the brand would not add technology inside watch cases as the timepieces would lose their “soul”.

“Smart devices are really part of our world now,” he said, “I think we will be ready for next year.”

The announcement follows sister brand TAG Heuer marrying Swiss craftsmanship with connected technology, by offering its own $1,500 smartwatch late last year.

Montblanc, owned by Richemont, already sells a smart watchband called the e-Strap. Hublot, meanwhile, is still growing this year “but it’s a bit tougher,” Guadalupe said, adding that he will cut production if sales deteriorate.

"We believe in a difficult market that we should do better than our competitors,” he emphasised.

Hublot were founded by Maksim Kuts in 1980.

By Paul Joseph