Hublot Discuss the Art of Fusion

By Paul Joseph

Every successful luxury brand has its own unique selling point, and in the case of world renowned Swiss watchmakers Hublot, theirs can be boiled down to a single word.

We spoke with Corer Hu, Hublot’s Marketing Director for Greater China, at the 2015 China Rendez-Vous, to find out more about the brand’s defining characteristic as well as its hopes of penetrating the Chinese market.

“I think in general Hublot watches share one same characteristics: fusion,” she began by telling us. “Fusion represents different meanings. It’s a fusion, it’s tradition and future, traditional craftsmanship – watch-making – and a fusion of high technology. Another thing about fusion is different materials, because Hublot is famous for new materials development, so we fuse a lot of different material which you’d never expect to be seen in a watch.

“Hublot is a lifestyle brand, because we always want to present and promote something that is different to your current lifestyle. For example, ten years ago when we talk about sports, talk about sailing, football, basketball – Chinese customers felt that sport is not luxury, but we didn’t change, we wanted to set a lifestyle in advance.

“So after ten years now, a lot of people admire and also respect and appreciate these kind of lifestyle. They can do polo, yachting, this kind of event, they watch basketball, football, etc, so sport is really becoming a luxury lifestyle now. This is something that Hublot would like to present. We do a lot of different partners, for example like Ferrari, we are very close partners with Ferrari for five years and we would like our customer to know that driving a Ferrari itself is a lifestyle, Hublot is a lifestyle…”

Asked about Hublot’s ambitions to strengthen their own name within the luxury lifestyle enjoyed by many Chinese consumers, she was forthright in her assessment: “To be frank, the China market now is still very small in our global picture, but it also has huge potential because China is big and it’s developing so quick.

"So even now, figure wise it still counts as a very small proportion of our global revenue, but our management team headquarters in Switzerland still give a lot of space and attention to the China market because we all believe the Chinese consumers in the next five or ten years will become even more mature, more sophisticated.”

You can watch the full video interview with Corer Hu above this article.

By Paul Joseph