Hublot Unveil Limited Edition Sledge

By P. Joseph

Just in time for the closing stages of this year’s ski season, luxury watch maker Hublot have revealed a uniquely designed sledge ideal for hitting the slopes in style.

The Hublot Sledge – limited to just 10 pieces worldwide – is the result of a collaboration between the Geneva-based company and the Lausanne University of Art and Design.

The result is a luxurious sledge consisting of ash wood for the structure, hand-sewn leather for the seat, carbon fibre for the handles and steel for the runners.

Jeane-Claude Biver, Hublot’s CEO said he was “delighted at the creation of this sledge developed with ECAL, which, in addition to its remarkable, innovative design, also offers the high levels of performance and robustness an exceptional piece of sports equipment requires.”

Despite its primary business being high-end watch pieces, Hublot has participated in several other product collaborations in recent times, including with Zai to create skis and BMC to create the All Black Bike.

The high tech sledge is currently on display at the Alpine World Ski Championships in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany for which Hublot is the Official Timekeeper.

By P. Joseph