Hypermach To Design New Supersonic Business Jet

By P. Joseph

Aviation company Hypermach Europe Aeronautics has announced a 10-year plan to manufacture a new supersonic business aircraft able to fly from New York to Sydney in just 5 hours.

The announcement was made at the Paris Air Show last week, with June 2021 mooted as a potential completion date for the aircraft, named SonicStar.

HyperMach says SonicStar incorporates new aerodynamics and engine technology which overcomes the environmental and economic challenges that have stopped the development of supersonic aircraft in the past.

Able to carry 10-16 passengers, SonicStar will achieve a speed of Mach 3.5, while meeting requirements for improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and the dramatic reduction of sonic boom overland.

HyperMach Aerospace Industries was founded in the US in 2008 with the aim of revolutionising high-speed air travel.

By P. Joseph