iBubble Drone: The Ultimate Underwater Gadget

By Paul Joseph

The emergence of drone technology is beginning to change the way we live in increasingly meaningful ways, and one industry sector that is already reaping the benefits is adventure travel.

Personal drones are becoming ever more technologically impressive and now a model has arrived on the market that can be used underwater.

While there are plenty of aerial drones that can hover around and follow you autonomously to capture footage, until now there were no options to use under our seas. However, a French company called Think Think Design has come up with a submarine drone called the iBubble designed for this very purpose.

After running a successful crowd-funding campaign for the iBubble last year, helping raise more than $201,733 with the help of 15,000-plus supporters, the company has introduced a new, final prototype of the underwater drone.

“As we kept developing iBubble, we had to make a few changes to iBubble’s design in order to improve the stability, the robustness, the propulsion and get the best out of the drone, ” the company said in a statement.  

The intelligent, user-friendly and completely autonomous diving drone can be fitted with a GoPro and can dive up to a maximum depth of 60 metres. The gadget can be remotely operated or left on autonomous mode where it automatically takes footage of the diver with the compatible bracelet without spoiling the diving experience.

The iBubble’s pre-order price is $1,999 and it will retail for $2,599 once it is commercially available. 

By Paul Joseph