IBubble: The World’s First Autonomous Diving Drone

By Paul Joseph

The age of the drone has officially arrived and is leading to an increasingly diverse range of drone-like products on the market.

Among the most innovative is the iBubble, the result of a collaboration between a diving enthusiast, a tech entrepreneur and a freediving champion, who have teamed up to create what is said to be the world’s first autonomous and wireless underwater camera.

The brainchild of diver Kevin Delfour, tech lover Xavier Spengler and freediver Guillaume Néry, the iBubble drone camera follows your underwater movements autonomously and in high-definition thanks to its intelligent onboard software.

While silently capturing your submarine journey via a connected bracelet, it glides with you, analysing your moves, and sharing with your friends what you see and where you are.

The drone features an array of impressive functions including a 360° selfie option, zoom in, zoom out and several filming modes. Users can switch between them with a simple touch of their bracelet.

Other notable features including the ability to connect your camera to the iBubble for instant 2D or 3D video capability and a water depth of up to 230ft.

Furthermore, iBubble will follow you for one hour on one battery, and once the battery is empty, the drone automatically resurfaces, with LED lights making it easy to locate.

Pre-sales for the iBubble start in February 2016, with working prototypes being shipped to testers in September 2016. General sales will start in January 2017.

By Paul Joseph