IconoCard Launch New Luxury Business Cards

By Paul Joseph

IconoCard, makers of luxury hand-made business cards, have added a selection of new lines to their range, including a Collectors Edition limited to just 200 unique customers.

Priced at $4,999, the bespoke, limited edition cards feature either a gold, pink or black front emblazed with the signature of the owner.

Once the special editions reach 200 customers, they will no longer be available. However existing customers may continue to order refills.

The new range, which also features “Lavagna”, “Pelle”, and “Elevato lines, took over 20 hours of hand-labour to create.

The “Lavagna” name cards have a travertine stone-like appearance, the “Pelle” collection have a leather-like appearance, whilst the “Elevato” collection is IconoCard’s highest-grade name card and is available in a variety of colors including: gold, lavender, and platinum blue.

With over 45 years of expertise in design and printing, IconoCard claim to be the only makers of luxury-branded name cards in the world.

By Paul Joseph