Ictineu 3 Submarine To Launch Next Year

By P. Joseph

One of the world’s most advanced submersibles is set to be available for order from early next year, its makers have announced.

The ICTINEU 3 submarine will be able to reach depths of 1,200 metres, making it one of the top 15 manned vessels in the world for immersion, as well as offering the ability to navigate through underwater canyons and complex terrains.

Created by Ictineu Submarines, the submersible has been designed as a tool for both scientific and leisure pursuits, featuring state-of-the-art technologies in control, navigation and communication systems.

The submarine will be able to accommodate a crew of 3 people, with the frontal part of the craft equipped with an acrylic viewport with a high vision range.

The submersible’s advanced navigation and control systems will allow it to perform semiautomatic tasks such as dynamic positioning and following a predefined route. This will free the crew members from such tasks, offering them greater observation and work capacity.

Thanks to its reduced weight and dimensions (4.5m length, 1.9m width, 2.3m height), it will be easily transported by land, air and sea inside a conventional container carrier without the need for special transport.

The ICTINEU 3 submarine is set to begin sea trials and its final classification process in December 2011 before starting operation in early 2012.

By P. Joseph