ICTINEU 3 submersible To Offer Exclusive Demo Dives

By Christina Tsangaris

The ICTINEU 3 has been considered by the experts and the industry as a "new generation of manned submersibles".

With improved capabilities over similar vehicles on the market, the ICTINEU 3 performances have not yet been beaten, as it provides the highest endurance in the class: up to 10 hours mission and 20 miles navigation underwater.

It offers the greatest weight to depth ratio as it can dive a crew of 3 down to 1.000 meters with only 5.500kg weight, a maximum dimensions of 4,8m x 1,95m x 3m and easy deployment from most vessels, yachts and harbours.

After completing certification by DNV-GL and by French Maritime Affairs, which ensures the highest standards in quality, safety and operation, the ICTINEU 3 has completed more than 50 dives between 30 and 1.000 meters depth. Among the fortunate passengers there are photographers, biologists and archaeologists who have been stunned by the great capabilities of the submersible.

Now the ICTINEU 3 team is preparing a one-month mission in cooperation with the Subaquatic Archaeological Centre of Catalonia, CASC, where the archaeologists will use the submersible to explore a wide area in order to improve the archaeological chart as they expect an increase of new shipwreck findings thanks to the capabilities of the submersible. The mission will last through October in the Costa Brava region, 150km North of Barcelona.

During this period, starting on the 2nd October, the ICTINEU 3 will be on display in the ports of Palamós and St Feliu de Guíxols and will be available for demonstrations to clients and specialized media. For those attending the Monaco Yacht Show from overseas it is an opportunity to add a plus to their trips as the submersible will be on display following the Show dates.

Further on, new demo dives will be programmed at the ICTINEU 3 base port of St. Feliu de Guíxols, a charming sea side town ideal for sea lovers.

With 10 years experience on submarine technology, intensive research and innovation, and submersible operation, the company Ictineu Submarins S.L. is ready to provide yacht owners with stylish, customizable, and powerful vehicles.

By Christina Tsangaris