Ideum Launch Multitouch Coffee Table with Android

By Paul Joseph

US-based technology company Ideum have created an innovative coffee table that doubles as a super-sized multitouch tablet.

The Platform Multitouch Coffee Table, which can respond to 60 touches simultaneously thanks to multitouch technology developed by US conglomerate 3M, was unveiled last week at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.

Boasting a 46-inch full HD display, the tablet has a 64-bit Intel processor ensuring high speed as well as size.

The screen is water resistant and has been strengthened to ensure it can bear the weight of various items typically placed on coffee tables including glasses, cups and serving bowls.

Other notable features include 500GB and all wireless connections, from wifi to Bluetooth, allowing it to be connected to other devices and peripherals. Additionally, the tablet runs version 4.1 of Android, meaning that virtually everything in the Google Play store will work on the device.

The Platform Multitouch Coffee Table will be available to purchase later this year priced at $7,000.

By Paul Joseph