Il Tartufi On Bringing New Culinary Delights To China

By Paul Joseph

The truffle is considered to be one of the most luxurious natural resources in the world, a rare and delicious food which amplifies any dish in a talented chef’s arsenal. Owner of Il Tartufi, Danielle Rocca, walks us through the complexities of introducing such an element to the Chinese culture.

The fresh truffle is a highly valued commodity, and the complexity of bringing the truffle to the shores of China adds to the impressive efforts behind the Italian truffle experts.

Like the cultural change which lays ahead of the yachting market in China, the luxury food market is just as much a challenge given the revered culinary history of Asia.

Introducing new products is indeed a challenge, however you can watch the above video with Danielle Rocca to find out more about this understated side of luxury in the video above.

By Paul Joseph