Ildikó Gál - Luxury Bespoke Shoes

By B. Roberts

The handmade Hungarian bespoke shoes, Ildikó Gál, are now available in a new showroom on Madison Avenue, New York.

The Ildikó Gál store, located just off Central Park, offers the first collection of men’s handmade dress shoes constructed by third generation Hungarian shoemakers.

Ildikó Gál combines old school craftsmanship techniques with modern technology, giving their shoes a different feel from many other luxury brands. Ildiko Gal’s proven technique involves measuring the foot from all angles to make a perfect cast, which is then retained for future orders.

Each shoe is handcrafted using established artisan techniques and finished with the craftsman’s signature before being delivered in a custom made wooden box.

The technique for crafting these enviable shoes has been passed down through generations from the villages of rural Hungary.

By B. Roberts