Interview with Christopher Anand, Managing Partner at The Albany Resort, Bahamas

By Paul Joseph

“You can please some of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time”, a famous person once said. The Albany Resort begs to differ.

Situated on New Providence Island in The Bahamas, just a few miles from the country’s main international airport in Nassau, Albany prides itself as a destination that satisfies every conceivable want and need.

World class sport and fitness? Tick. Beautiful private residences? Tick. State-of-the-art superyacht marina? Tick. Fine dining? Tick. And the list goes on.

We sat down with Christopher Anand, Managing Partner at The Albany Resort to ask him more about one of the finest luxury resorts in the region.

“I think Albany is pretty unique,” he said. “It hasn’t been done before in The Bahamas. The idea is to cater to people of all ages and all kinds of lifestyles, so we have a series of amenities for the whole family, ranging from kid’s water parks, to kid’s playgrounds, to family swimming pools with water parks to more adult experiences like an adult pool.

“We have a variety of dining experiences, a mega yacht marina, a fitness centre…so the idea is to deliver a lifestyle for people who both want to have a holiday home as well as live here fulltime.”

And what about Albany’s renowned sporting facilities that draw some of the world’s most decorated athletes into its midst?

“We have quite a number of sports people that have decided to call Albany home,” he said. “Several professional golfers, two of whom are partners with us at Albany, Tiger Woods and Ernie Els, but also there are a number of other golfers who are home owners here as well as tennis players, racing drivers, football players, basketball players.

“We also have a world class fitness centre, we have 8 full time fitness instructors, a boxing ring, karate studio, pilates studio, spinning studio, lap pool.”

He continued: “We’re working on rolling out a sports medicine centre and anti-ageing centre and wellness centre, so that world class athletes can come here and continue to fine tune their performance in their off-season and during the season. Meanwhile those of us who are not professional athletes but would love to stay healthy can live here and live longer, so these are all part of the initiatives.

“One our shareholders, Ernie Els, designed the golf course. It is a desert links course. It’s pretty unique and challenging. It is not for the faint of heart and we have several of the world’s top golfers who use Albany. The practice facilities are first class and it’s a great place to challenge your golf game. “

You can watch the full video interview with Christopher Anand above this article.

By Paul Joseph