Interview with Irina Ivkina of Marky’s Caviar

By Paul Joseph

In many ways, Marky’s Caviar represents the American Dream in all its glory. Founded in 1983 by two Russian immigrants, the company has grown to become one of the United State’s most renowned suppliers of gourmet food.

Amongst the gastronomic delights they offer is their flagship caviar, and Marky’s was in town at the recent Palm Beach Boat Show to showcase their wares in front of a captive - and hungry – audience.’s luxury director, Shari Liu, sat down with Irina Ivkina of Marky’s Caviar at the Palm Beach event to discuss the company’s background, its passion for preserving the world’s sturgeon population, and more.

Ms Ivkina began by elaborating on Mary’s operations both in the US and further afar.

“In South Florida we supply a lot of restaurants,” she said, “including famous ones like Zuma and Mandarin Oriental. A lot of times people have probably eaten our caviar in one of those restaurants and didn’t even know.”

And what about Marky’s mission to restore the world’s sturgeon population – correct?

“Definitely. It’s the passion for both our founders. They have love and passion for this fish, for the sturgeons.

“Part of that programme is our sturgeon aqua farm – the only one of its type in the US – that is located in North Florida where right now we have 800 tanks where we grow beluga, sevruga and starlet caviar.”

She continued, “Our main vision for the Boat Shows is not just to promote Marky’s but also to educate people about our products and about sturgeon aqua farms, and to let people know who we are, and what our mission is.”

You can see the full interview with Irina Ivkina of Marky’s Caviar in our exclusive video above.

By Paul Joseph