Interview with Kristen McLaughlin from Silhouette

By Paul Joseph

There can be few style brands that are able to claim 33 NASA space missions amongst its achievements – but one such company is Silhouette.

The Austrian eyewear maker has built up a sizeable fanbase – not least amongst astronauts – with its distinctive, rimless sunglasses and their use of state-of-the-art materials. sat down with Kristen McLaughlin, marketing director of Silhouette Eyewear, at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, to discuss the company’s unique products.

She began by explaining why they were chosen to protect the eyes of some of the world’s elite astronauts.

“Silhouette are known for their hingeless, screwless products, and for an astronaut that’s hugely important,” she told’s luxury director Shari Liu.

“Any product that has a screw could really put them in a very dangerous situation if it became loose in their breathing apparatus.”

She continued: “One of the reasons Silhouette has some of the lightest most comfortable frames is because their material is high-tech titanium.

“It’s patented for silhouette, it offers 300 times the strength of regular titanium - and also their plastics are their own proprietary material and they hold their shape.”

Naturally, in yachting circles, where its patrons spend vast amounts of time outdoors faced with dangerous reflected sunlight, sunglasses carry extras importance. So which of Silhouette’s products are the most suitable for yachters?

“Any time you’re on the water you’re recommended to wear polarised lenses which we have in the collection,” she said.

“The collection is based on lifestyle and also action – the action sunglasses have the polarised lenses, the lifestyle collection for the ladies is all about looks.

She continued: “Silhouette’s lenses are 100% UV protected. Sunglasses should be worn all year round, not just when you’re on your yacht or at the beach – they should be used to protect against all elements such as the wind, or even walking around in cloudy weather.

“Silhouette’s number one goal is to make the best eyeware, using the best materials. It’s just about giving the best wearing experience possible.”

By Paul Joseph