Interview with Miami-Based Jewellery Designer Mary Louise

By Paul Joseph

Mary Louise has always loved fine jewellery. As a child she was inspired by trinkets brought back by her family from the gold markets of Lebanon, and she continued honing her creative style and developed her own jewellery line in 1994.

Already boasting an impressive roll-call of celebrities who have decked themselves in her designs, Mary Louise recently enjoyed perhaps her proudest moment when America’s First Lady and one of the world’s great fashion icons, Michelle Obama, was seen wearing some of her creations on more than one occasion. caught up with Mary to discuss her background, her inspirations and how it feels to see her jewellery worn by some of the world’s most recognizable figures. Can you tell us a little about your background?
Mary Louise: My college education in fashion design and experience in retail management has been a vital part of my success. Influenced at a young age by family gifts of jewelry brought back from the gold markets in Lebanon, I have always had a passion for exquisite jewelry.

SY: What are some of the classic hallmarks of your jewelry designs and where does your inspiration come from?
ML: Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are mostly handmade pieces from Bali Beads, Chicklets, and M & M's made of sterling silver and dipped in 22K Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold mixed with semi-precious gemstones, druzys, cubic zirconia, and many other various materials from all over the world.

SY: Some of your pieces were recently worn by Michelle Obama - can you tell us about that?
ML: I was fortunate enough to have Mrs. Obama wear my jewelry on National television twice. She wore five necklaces layered at the White House Memphis Soul concert with Justin Timberlake and many more music artists, which was extremely exciting for Mary Louise Designs, and then she wore one of my necklaces on Sunday Morning, one of my very favorite morning shows, in a personal interview in her Garden at the White House. She is a stunning woman and I was honored and delighted to see Mrs. Obama in our jewels!

SY: How proud does it make you feel to see famous people wearing your jewelery?
ML: It is a wonderful feeling and makes me feel very proud and happy to see famous and every day girls, women and elders wearing my fun, fashionable jewelry. My mother is almost 90 years old and she sports nine of my 22K gold elastic bracelets. She, as well as me, does not take them off! My jewelry appeals to all ages, from babies to young women to middle age to elders, which is timeless and stays in style! We have been featured in many magazines and had quite a few famous people wearing MLD!

SY: What do you hope the future holds for you?
ML: Certainly I hope my business continues to grow and I can continue to dress women of all ages, cultures, and life styles. This is my passion and I would love to become a household name.

By Paul Joseph