Interview with Rob Goldstein from Gerber Group

By Paul Joseph

Gerber Group has come a long way since opening The Whiskey nightlife venue at New York City’s Paramount Hotel back in 1991. The company now owns more than 20 ultra-chic bars and clubs stretching across three different continents, with several more in the pipeline.

Three of the brand’s existing venues are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and it was there that got a chance to sit down with Rob Goldstein, director of marketing at Gerber Group, at last week’s Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, to discuss the company’s stratospheric success.

Mr Goldstein began by telling’s luxury director, Shari Liu, about the three Fort Lauderdale venues.

“The first is located in the W Hotel and is Whisky Blue, which is one of our flagship brands, as well as the Living Room bar and Wet,” Mr Goldstein said.

“So you have this really great cosy lounge in Whisky Blue, a large living room space which is like the lobby bar of the hotel, and Wet, which is this amazing pool bar with a dramatic glass staircase.

So as Gerger Group celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, what does Mr Goldstein believe is the key to success in the nightlife business?

“There’s a couple of things,” he said. “One is to stay consistent with the experience that you’re offering your guests.

“The founders of our company have always believed that people can go anywhere for a drink, but the reason they come to a Gerber property is for the experience, the points of service, the atmosphere, and the fun you’re going to have.

“That’s what we’ve been doing now for 20-plus years in various cities – recreating that experience where people want to come and hang out with their friends, enjoy cocktails and life.”

Mr Goldestein believes that the major change in the industry in recent years has been the importance of social media – but is confident that Gerber Group are at the vanguard of this online revolution.

“There’s always going to be trends in any business,” he said, “especially nightlife where venues come and go rather quickly.”

“Trends that we’ve been embracing are things like social media and music programming.”

Gerber Group plans new venue openings both in the US and beyond in the near future, with unique programming such as premier parties and innovative promotions part of their strategy to take nightlife to the next level. Watch this space.

By Paul Joseph