Introducing Richard Mille’s Vibrating Watch

By Paul Joseph

Vibrations are widely considered to be anathema to the accuracy of timepieces, but watch brand Richard Mille has challenged that preconception in dramatic fashion.

The Swiss watchmaker has created the RM 62-01 Manual Winding Tourbillon vibrating alarm ACJ, featuring a vibrating alarm designed to give a silent signal to alert its wearer at requested times.

Vibrations in watches have always been a problem due to the movement they produce which in turn affects accuracy, but Richard Mille have come up with an innovative solution – inspired by none other than early vibrating mobile phones – in the  form of an offset weight in solid gold.

The end result is the RM 62-01, billed as the most complicated watch the brand has ever made, and the consequence of one watchmaker working full time for five years to design the housing of 816 parts, two barrels, seven hands, 11 displays and a tourbillon cage within the space constraints.

“The RM 62-01 is designed for the discretion prevailing in the hushed atmosphere of luxury,” says Richard Mille.

“From its complexity, to its complications, to its ergonomics, this piece constitutes a total work of haute horlogerie.”

There is a Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for a second time zone, indicated by the green hand at the centre, while the free-sprung balance of the tourbillon can be seen oscillating at 3Hz at the 9 o’clock position.

At 12 o’clock within a square of signature red hatching is the oversized date window, and the power reserve indicator is fairly unobtrusive at 11 o’clock. The watch also has an impressive power reserve of 70 hours.

On the lower part of the dial is a function selector with five adjustment settings. To “wind” the alarm of RM 62-01, the wearer presses the pusher 12 presses, fully charging the alarm’s power reserve. 

The RM 62-01 Manual Winding Tourbillon vibrating alarm ACJ has been launched in conjunction with Airbus Corporate Jets – an evolving collaboration starting with the RM 50-02 Tourbillon ACJ.

Richard Mille was founded in Switzerland in 2001.

By Paul Joseph