Introducing ScUber: An Uber Service for the Great Barrier Reef

By Paul Joseph

Peer-to-peer ride sharing service Uber have transformed the traditional taxi industry in recent years and now the company is set to bring its offering to underwater travellers.

Enter scUber, the brand’s submarine service that takes riders to a select group of Great Barrier Reef locations in Australia in a bid to support its protection and conservation.

The limited period offer will be available from Heron Island and the Agincourt Reef near Port Douglas until 18 June, and will be priced at $3,000 for two.

To book scUber, users will have to login to the Uber app at 7.30am, select the ‘scUber’ option and request for ‘Great Barrier Reef’ as their destination.

The system will operate on a first-come-first-serve basis with only one scUber ride available for each day.

The entire experience will include an Uber X pickup and a helicopter ride to and from the submarine departure site, as well as a one-hour underwater dip.

Speaking about the initiative, Susan Anderson, regional general manager of Uber in Australia and New Zealand said, “We believe good things happen when people move – whether that’s by getting people from A to B in their city, or by making dreams come true experiencing the world’s greatest natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef,”

Earlier this year, Uber also launched the Uber Boat, a unique service offering voyages between three tourist spots in Mumbai.

By Paul Joseph