Introducing the Latest UR-CC1 Black Cobra

By B. Roberts

The latest UR-CC1 is the result of high-tech Swiss watch manufacturer, URWERK, utilising jumping hours and retrograde minutes to create the “Black Cobra” watch.

Team URWERK have created an aggressive and particularly stylish time-piece by shedding its Grey Gold exterior and replacing it with an anthracite shell and luminescent time indicators.

The UR-CC1 boasts high-grade mechanical complexity with a difference, displaying hours and minutes that count down the time by moving linearly.

It took Team URWERK more than three years to overcome the technical challenges faced by the watch and its alluring linear movement. However, resolution was found through an ingenious use of rack levers in the mechanism which can be seen through the side of the casing, offering a lightweight feel and added rigidity.

The Black Cobra spent a lot of time in research and development, as URWERK constructed ten prototypes over three years in order to create a difficult, yet, state-of-the-art and ultimately stylish beast.

By B. Roberts