Introducing The Meister Driver Chronoscope

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

The story of the watch started 150 years ago for German watchmakers, Junghans, where the automobile has been an inspiration since the 50’s.

Presently owned by Dr. Hans-Jochem and Hannes Steim and still marked with the quality and reliability that accompanies a ‘Made in Germany’ seal of approval, the Schramberg based brand has slowly gained a worldwide reputation in the realm of luxury horology.

The respected house-hold name is today synonymous with the terms style, class and unswerving innovation. Junghans unique success is readily dependent on tradition and it only takes a glance at one of their pristine chronoscopes to figure out why: their time-pieces are timeless.

Back in 1982, founder Arthur Junghans was behind the wheel of his Daimler Test vehicle, and in the process of purchasing a car for his son, when the first laws were passed regulating speed. It wouldn’t be long before car clocks soon became a necessity.

Although not monitoring the speed as we are so familiar with today, the early 20th century clocks measured time, which is where the pieces of the Junghans puzzle begin to come together.

On acquisition of distance, maths could determine the speed at which a journey was covered thanks to the new found invention... Junghans new products were not only an obligation, but a mechanical triumph.

Over a century later and the company are still making waves in the industry yet with an entirely different approach. Step forward the designer’s new expression, The Meister Driver Chronoscope, inspired by a 100 year old obsession with classic cars.

But how does one go about fusing a car and a time-telling accessory into a winning combination? Well, it’s all in the appreciation for mechanical masterpieces.

Carefully encompassing elements of Maybach and Mercedes models from the 30s, the optical accessories in the new Meister range are not only well-refined, just like the vehicles of times gone by, but they also have an exterior that resembles a car speedometer, and a colour palette to match their mottled leather wrist straps, familiar from their appearance on a motorcar interior.

Car enthusiasts will adore this inspiring piece, whilst luxury lovers will observe all the values the Junghans brand has stood for in their 150 year history of watch-making with definition and unique distinction. 

By Rose-Hannah Lishman