Introducing the new Range Rover Evoque

By Paul Joseph

Range Rover have launched their latest Evoque model, complete with a total redesign from the ground upwards.

Intended to rival the increasing number of premium SUVs on the market, the new Evoque features a completely fresh chassis, interior and, to be introduced in about a year’s time, plug-in hybrid powertrains. 

Visually, the Evoque doesn’t deviate too far from its predecessor, the Velar, sharing its basic shape and dimensions with the current model. Although it doesn’t look immediately different, there are plenty of borrowed elements from the Velar, such as the flush-look LED headlights and wide rear lights.

Underpinning the new Evoque is an all-new platform dubbed Premium Transverse Architecture, which has been designed to facilitate extensive hybridisation.

From launch, the Evoque will be available with the familiar set of four-cylinder petrol and diesel ‘Ingenium’ engines, with outputs varying between an entry-level 148bhp diesel through to a 296bhp 2-litre turbocharged petrol.

All models aside from that entry diesel are fitted with a nine-speed automatic ZF transmission and all-wheel drive, which for the first time is able to operate in front-wheel drive mode under normal driving conditions to improve MPG.

Also new for the Evoque is a real torque vectoring differential via a set of clutch packs on the rear axle, similar in principle with the Focus RS, although it has been calibrated more for off-road applications, so I wouldn’t expect an RS-style drift mode.

Inside, the design hasn’t significantly changed, other than modernisations such as new detailing and tech. Dominating the sleeker dashboard is Land Rover’s Duo Touch pro system, combining two 10-inch touch screens.

It also introduces some other new technology, including the introduction of a ‘Ground View technology’, putting on-screen a superimposed image of the front wheels and what is surrounding them.

Prices start at £31,600 for the entry level D150 and rising to over £50,000 for a fully-kitted out ‘First Edition’ P300.

The first production model of the Range Rover Evoque first arrived in 2011.

By Paul Joseph