Introducing the World’s Most Expensive iPhone

By Paul Joseph

Russian boutique iPhone makers Caviar have unveiled what is being billed as the world’s most expensive iPhone.

Called the Caviar Solarius Zenith iPhone 11 Pro, the one-off handset is encrusted with gold and diamonds, as well as boasting a genuine mechanical watch at the centre of its backplate.

Covered in 24-carat gold and featuring a total of 137 diamonds at the back, a pattern of concentric circles denotes our solar system and the centre is the Sun, which is depicted in the form of a special yellow diamond (symbolising a sunstone) placed inside the mechanical watch.

The phone also comes in a lavish box, finished in black and packed with accessories including a pair of custom AirPods Pro.

Pricing for the Caviar Solarius Zenith iPhone 11 Pro starts at $100,000, with Caviar representatives flying to personally deliver the handset to each customer, wherever they are in the world.

Caviar make and manufacturer a wide range of high-end iPhones and cases, all of which feature sumptuous and highly valuable materials and components.

By Paul Joseph